“Johanshin’s Adventure” development

2014-03-15 02_13_12-GameMaker_ Studio


I’ve finished much of the game now. Although the game can be completed in roughly only ten minutes, I feel the game has a proper flow. You begin with basic movement set (horizontal movement and jump) only, then first gain a dashing ability that is mostly used to jump across to platforms afar. With the use of this item (and the same with 2 more that follow) the player gains access to different parts of the game where they previously couldn’t reach. The second item you gain in the course of the game is a wall kick glove. I’ve been hard at work most of today coding wall kick mechanics and I’m happy with how it turned out. I’m particularly proud of the wall kick sprite.


2014-03-15 02_14_53-GameMaker_ Studio



It’s not much but I just like how I managed to have the character sprite actually look like the character is about to jump. The walking animation and the dash sprite was kind of a mess so.

After a section that tests the newly gained wall kick ability, you gain an infinite jump item. This enable the character to flap around infinitely and reach the final level which is basically Flappybird. I imported flappybird sprite set into the game and made a non-random flappybird field for the character to flap around and avoid pipes in. At the end of the field there is flappybird himself, and when you touch him the credit rolls.


The game is still buggy with collision and movement, but at least it doesn’t crash. Every now and then the character is able to stand on the side of a wall and I have no idea why that occurs.


Johanshin’s Awakening 2

Already had the basic movement and collision coded around yesterday and the day before.

Today I implemented many elements including:

  • Double tap dashing
  • Double jump (and item that enables it)
  • Dash jumping (a mechanic in which the player character jumps higher when jumping while dashing)
  • Single object Needles that warp player back to a point in the room while leaving a dead body around the point of death, the warp target xy dependent on room creation code
  • Room to room warps with height checks

Although I shouldn’t be satisfied with a game of this quality, I am proud to have made it this far already in making a platformer game, since it wasn’t even a week ago when I first touched GameMaker.

I’m having lots of fun making and tweaking various elements of the game.

I haven’t made enemies yet. Still deciding whether I should or not but upon entering this sentence I have decided that I should since any experience is beneficial. ┬áHope to make a moving platform / deathtrap as well.

I have until Monday to “complete” this game. I really should get to bed. It’s really late and I plan to wake up at nine and it’s currently five.

2014-03-14 04_35_59-GameMaker_ Studio 2014-03-14 04_32_08-GameMaker_ Studio

Screenshots. I had my friends play the game and enjoyed watching them have fun with it. I put in a lot of parts that require pixel perfect dash jumps so it was fun in a shit game way.


I can’t deny that I am proud of this sprite. It’s not high quality, but for my first (since when I was like, 12?) I think it looks pretty good.

Character design for Johanshin came to me when I was drawing a macho masculine character as a player sprite but drew his arms and chest too big and couldn’t fit the lower body in. I thought, why not just the upper body? I like getting attention with weird drawings.

No I was supposed to go to bed. I should stop writing now.

game a week

read an article by rami ismail about making a game every week to gain experience, it inspired me, so i made this blog as he said to do in his article. i have never done too well with commitments. hopefully this will last since making games for living has been my life long dream. i’ve got an year to go before i graduate from university. i really need to commit to this.